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About us

„Association for Sport in the Free Time” is a legal entity and a non-profit organization registered as per the Law of the Non-Profit Organizations.

The activity of the association is: to support and make popular the physical education and sport among the citizens from all social strata and all ages, with a priority for the students, the corporative and branch organizations; to ensure conditions for mass sport for the citizens, to organize and to run sport events and competitions; to organize schools and courses for trainings, sport and physical activity; to ensure conditions for the material base and training equipment  for sport and physical exercises  for the students; to maintain and ensure camps for physical education for students in their free time; to organize and create conditions for development of the physical education and sport of the different corporate and branch organizations, to build and maintain sport facilities and objects.

Aims of the Association:

  1. To ensure conditions for sport and for improving the physical culture of the citizens from all social strata, with a priority for the students and for those working in corporate and branch organizations;
  2. To support the sport activities of the citizen, the students and the people from corporate and branch organizations in their free time.
  3. To make popular football, mini football, basketball, volleyball, cycling, athletics, tennis, swimming, badminton, beach wrestling, beach volleyball, beach football and all the other types of sport with the aim to increase the interest in the sport and physical activity.
  4. To develop strategic programs for the development of the children and youth sport.
  5. To provide conditions for the physical culture and sport in the weekends and holidays via the organization of training and rehabilitation camps.

The means for achieving the aims of the ASSOCIATION are:

  1. The organization of practices of different physical and sport activities, including those in the schools and universities and in the corporate and branch organizations.
  2. The organization of mass events, competitions and tournamnets with the aim to include the citizen from different social strata and interests, as well as the students, in sport activities:
  3. The organization and conduction of workshops, courses, competitions, related to the activity of the Association.
  4. The creation of schools and courses for trainings and sport activity;
  5. The construction, management and maintenance of sport objects and facilities;